Fantasy Romance – why I love this genre

I adore Fantasy Romance. For years I’ve written both Epic Fantasy and Historical Romance novels – but never this genre. Recently, I decided it was time to bring my two loves together.

This is already a well-established genre, with massive potential for great storytelling. My two favourite authors, who both write beautiful (if very different) Fantasy Romances, are Grace Draven and Maria V. Snyder.

I love the adventure, world-building and complexity of fantasy and the character-driven nature of romance. However, I don’t enjoy overly complex, slow-moving, ‘boys adventure’ fantasy, or fluffy romance with stereotypical heroes and heroines none of us can relate to.

Instead, I’m writing the sort of story I love to read – an involving, exciting fantasy story, which includes a realistic, powerful love story.

Can hardly wait to get started!

This blog is going to catalogue the entire process: planning, writing, editing and publishing, as I put this book together. I’ve already written and self-published ten books in other genres, so, if you’re curious about the writing process, and about self-publishing – or if you are planning/writing your own Fantasy Romance – keep watching this space!

To start things off, I’ve spent the last few days brainstorming ideas for the story. I’ve got a new Pinterest board with some inspiration – and ideas are coming together swiftly.

Pinterest is a great way to get your creativity flowing. If you’re a very visual person, like me, it’s a fantastic tool for world-building. So far, my images show landscapes, some character inspiration and imagery for the novel’s antagonist. More to come…

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