‘Mock-up’ a cover to clarify your novel’s theme

I’m a great believer in ensuring you’ve got a strong theme and concept in place before embarking on the writing process. A great way to do this is ‘mock-up’ a front and back cover for your story before you write it.

I’m around 24,000 words into my current manuscript. I’m not sure what the final cover will look like – whether I’ll opt for elaborate cover art or something simpler and more atmospheric – but this attempt on Canva, using a free photo from a photo library (and a bit of imagination), is how I see the story so far.

What’s the point?

The benefits of creating a front and back cover like this early on (apart from the fact it’s fun, and a great delaying tactic!) is that it helps set the mood and tone, and allows you define the theme and the concept for your story. These last two are the glue, keeping the whole story and characters together, and ensuring you don’t lose your way.

My efforts have shown me that although there will be a love-story running through it, my novel is going to be a classic epic fantasy of the kind I love to read. An epic journey with an unlikely hero and an underlying theme of darkness.

Here it is…

THE HAG STONE_version2

Backcover_THE HAG STONE_version2 (1)



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