Manuscript in progress – 25% done

After a break finishing off a few other (more urgent) projects – I’m back at work on RULED BY SHADOWS.

I’ve now reached 25,000 words, which since I intend for this novel to be around 100,000 words, means I’ve reached the quarter mark. Woo hoo!

Long or short chapters?

I’m often wary of going back and rewriting chapter before the first draft has been done – as it tends to block my creative flow and ‘deadens’ the whole process for me. However, upon re-reading my first 9 chapters I realised my chapters were too long.

I think it’s important to follow your own natural pacing when writing – trouble creeps in when you try to get too clever.

I tend to have quite a fast-paced, episodic writing style. I view book scenes a bit like movie scenes. In an attempt to be a bit more ‘literary’ (cringe) I had tried to lengthen my chapters with this novel – but this just made the story ramble and lose focus.

Lesson learned – I went in and chopped it up a bit. Now there are fourteen chapters and the whole momentum of the story has changed. I’m incredibly excited by Lilia and Perrin’s story and can’t wait to get back into it.

The cover is done!

The other update is that I’ve had a cover designed. I’m pretty excited to share it but am sitting on my hands. I have a natural tendency for over-exuberance – I’ve decided the world can wait a month or two! 😉

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