Book review: The Undying King by Grace Draven

30753120I adore Grace Draven. Her beautiful writing style and powerful stories easily make her one of my favourite authors.

I loved this story too – and would have given it five stars if it hadn’t felt a little rushed toward the end.

The story is of Imogen, a young woman who has been cursed from birth, and Cededa, a cruel king who has been cursed with eternal life. After her stepmother dies, Imogen travels to Cededa’s dead city in an attempt to lift the curse which makes a normal life impossible. Her touch is death but not to Cededa, the Undying King. Draven writes great anti-heroes. Cededa is a monster but an eternity alone to contemplate his actions has taught him many harsh lessons. Imogen is his only chance at redemption.

There was so much potential here for a full-length novel, so much depth that went unexploited. The first half was definitely my favourite, but at the three-quarter mark the action sped up and the novella finished abruptly. I would still recommend the story, as it has all the elements that make Grace Draven’s works so memorable: vividly drawn and realistic characters, a credible and interesting fantasy world and an exciting plot. It just needed to be longer!

Find out more about the novella – or get yourself a copy here.


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