Ruled by Shadows – progress update

ruled-by-shadows_coverI’ve now reached 77,000 words on RULED BY SHADOWS. The novel is steaming ahead, and I’m excited how it’s developing.

Epic fantasy is complex, so I’m glad I took the time to plan out the plot. That said though, I’ve left enough room for the characters and story to develop naturally. That’s where the storytelling magic happens.

I’m aiming for a final word count of between 110,000-120,000, so I’ve now embarking on the final third of the book.

It’s part of series!

RULED BY SHADOWS will be Book #1 of the LIGHT AND DARKNESS trilogy.

As it’s romance, the love story in this novel will stand alone – however, there will be a continuing story (with two more love stories) that will continue over a three-book arc. This had meant a lot more planning on my part, and a few changes to the plot of this book, but I think the finished result will be infinitely worth it! It will allow me to truly develop this world and expand the characters, layer conflict.

Plus, readers love a good series to get their teeth into!

I’m aiming to get the first draft of RULED BY SHADOWS complete in the next four weeks. That means I’m going to have to knuckle-down.

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