Brandon Sanderson video series

Highly recommend a video series on YouTube, where fantasy author Brandon Sanderson delivers lectures about how to write Epic Fantasy.

I’m in the midst of the second draft of my Epic Fantasy Romance, RULED BY SHADOWS (around a third of the way through the rewrite) and have found his advice worth it’s weight in gold.

He had a ton of amazing tips but two that really resonated with me were:

  1. Use your Prologue and/or first chapter to create a PROMISE to your reader. Give them all the elements they will encounter later in the story, don’t hold back. Set up a promise, and then deliver on it!
  2. Epic Fantasy readers love the tropes, they just don’t want cliches. To give them what they want, create characters based on a trope (say, the wise mentor) but then subvert it by adding a dark secret and something unexpected to this character. E.g. the wise mentor who likes to knife-fight in his spare time, who is actually the bastard son of the arch-villain – a secret he’s hidden his whole life. That was just off the top of my head, but you get the idea!

Here’s the link to the first of the video series – enjoy!

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