Some of my favorite Epic Fantasy reads

I love writing … but I’m also an avid Epic Fantasy reader too. I’ve recently started reading more Fantasy Romance – as I’ve made a shift to that genre as an author – but still have a passion for the classics!

Aside from The Lord of the Rings, and The Song of Fire and Ice series – true epic fantasy classics that need no introduction – here are a few other good reads from the last couple of years, that I’d recommend.

Name of the WIndThe Kingkiller Chronicle (Patrick Rothfuss)
The Name of the Wind (Book #1)
The Wise Man’s Fear (Book #2)

Truly ‘epic’ fantasy, the Kingkiller Chronicle series is a great read for anyone who loves traditional epic fantasy. Both books are ‘door-stoppers’ – immersing the reader in a richly drawn world. It’s the story of a talented young man, with a great destiny. I must admit I preferred the first book, to the second. That said, it’s a gripping series that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy.

Read my reviews for these books on Goodreads to find out my thoughts on this series:
The Name of the Wind
The Wise Man’s Fear

Emperor of thornsThe Broken Empire Series (Mark Lawrence)
Prince of Thorns (Book #1)
King of Thorns (Book #2)
Emperor of Thorns (Book #3)

This epic fantasy is a compelling, ‘dark’ series that’s a little different from others in the genre. The main character is an ‘anti-hero’ – a damaged, violent and immoral young man named Jorg. I don’t usually go in for dark fantasy, but this series is so well-written and beautifully crafted that I would highly recommend this series as well.

Although I didn’t review the first two books (I did rate each of them 5 stars), you can read my review for Book #3 on Goodreads:
Emperor of Thorns

Prince of foolsThe Red Queen’s War (Mark Lawrence)
The Prince of Fools
The Liar’s Key
The Wheel of Osheim

In many ways, I enjoyed Mark Lawrence’s second series – set in the same world as the Broken Empire series – even the first. It follows a feckless, playboy prince on an incredible adventure.

Read my reviews on Goodreads
Prince of Fools
The Liar’s Key
The Wheel of Osheim

Blood songRaven’s Shadow (Anthony Ryan)
Blood Song (Book #1)
Tower Lord (Book #2)

Traditional epic fantasy adventure that’s fast-moving and beautifully written. It’s the story of a young man, abandoned by his father in a harsh order, where he must become a great warrior – or die trying. I enjoyed both novels in the series so far, although the story hasn’t taken the direction I’d expected…

Read my reviews on Goodreads, for more details about these books:
Blood Song
Tower Lord

I could go on… Being a voracious reader, I have chewed my through many more books than these! However, if you love epic fantasy, and are looking for some good books to get lost in, why not give one of the above a try?

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