TheLostSwallow_COVER4Writing an Epic Fantasy can feel like it takes forever … but I’ve finished the first draft of THE LOST SWALLOW—Book #2 in the Light and Darkness series! This novel is the sequel to RULED BY SHADOWS.

I’m now working through the manuscript, and making a few changes before it goes to my editor. Epic Fantasy can’t be rushed, even if we all wish authors could work a little faster. I’m still waiting for Patrick Rothfuss’s next book, and have almost given up on The Winds of Winter!

So when will THE LOST SWALLOW be released? I’m hoping mid-year—although I’m going to be a bit cagey about giving a precise date until I receive the manuscript back from the editor. When I do, I’ll know what level of work is needed before I can publish. Thanks for your patience, and watch this space!

What’s THE LOST SWALLOW about?

The Lost Swallow
Book #2: Light and Darkness

She’s entrusted with protecting a princess … but he’s been sent to kill them both.

Mira belongs to The Swallow Guard—an elite all-female bodyguard who protect the royal family. She hates her role, and has been planning her escape for years—only when her city comes under attack she finds herself on the run, and the unlikely protector of a spoiled and wilful princess.

Asher belongs to the Order of Light and Darkness. He’s an enchanter who spends his days healing the sick and injured. But when the head of his order commands him to track down the last survivor of a slaughtered royal family—and kill the girl and the woman protecting her—he finds himself in the role of assassin.

In an epic journey through the heart of occupied territory, Mira struggles between her desire to flee and start afresh, and her need to protect the gifted young woman who has come to depend on her. Asher must also make a choice. Does he trust his instincts, follow his heart, and bring wrath down upon him—or does he follow orders and risk losing his soul.

Epic adventure and romance collide in this emotional romantic fantasy. Book #2 of the Light and Darkness series, THE LOST SWALLOW is for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Grace Draven and Leigh Bardugo. If you like vibrant world-building, edge of your seat adventure, and a powerful love story, this Epic Fantasy Romance is for you.

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