Exciting Epic Fantasy Romance authors to watch

A few years ago fantasy romance was dominated by vampires, werewolves, and shifters—and that’s fine if you’re into that. However, for readers who want an Epic Fantasy tale, with a strong romance element, there just wasn’t anything out there. That’s changing … fast.

Just over the last year they’ve been popping up like mushrooms! High Fantasy, rollicking Epic Fantasy adventures, with a fully developed romance plots. There are now many novels to try. Some of them cross over into the Young Adult/New Adult domain, as the protagonists are often in their late teens to mid-twenties, but most of them are written for adults as well.

At the moment Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance is huge, and fantasy romance with fae heroes isn’t showing any sign of slowing in popularity. But if neither of these sub-genres interest you don’t despair … there are plenty of sword and sorcery fantasy romances out there. As for what’s trending in the Epic Fantasy Romance genre—it appears that witches and wizards are really hot at the moment.

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of exciting new Epic Fantasy Romance authors to watch, with links to their Amazon author pages:

Amber Argyle
Shannon Meyer
Miranda Honfleur
Jayne Castel
Emily R. King
G. Bailey
Sara C. Roethe


Claire Merle
Frost Kay
Kelly St. Clare
Helen Scheuerer

Do you have an author you’d like added to this list? Please get in touch!


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